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IRIS Diaphragm Control Valve


IRIS Diaphragm Control Valve

DN 25 - 600 mm (1” – 24”)

Max. service pressure
3 - 6 bar

Max. service temperature
120ºC (248°F) Higher temperatures available on request.

Gas, clean liquids or with suspensions, powders.

Centered and symmetrical flow, stable regulating characteristic without hysteresis, flow measurement and regulation possible and patented.

IRIS Diaphragm Control Valve - Characteristics
Robust construction
Designed for continuous operation, suitable for various duties. Simple installation and commissioning.

Hysteresis-free and excellent regulation characteristics:
are prerequisites for regulating tasks. This is achieved by the continuously variable aperture from 0 – 100%, similar to the IRIS diaphragm of a camera, always maintaining a central flow and by an enhanced segment edge design.

Non-clogging due to the free, central flow design and the automatic, self-cleaning feature of the segment edges during valve operation. Flushing connections are provided.

Examples of applications:
Air, sugar, suspensions, sewage, sludge, paper stock, drinking water, etc.

Energy cost savings and low noise emission through enhanced design. Fixed throttling apertures and imprecise regulating methods cause unnecessary pressure losses and energy costs. Due to the almost free passage and low turbulences in our valve these are reduced to a minimum. Because of an advantageous basic characteristic, we can operate in an energy saving manner, i.e. with optimal valve apertures.


BS Actuators

Technical data and materials used

Sizes: DN 25 – DN 600

Flanges: PN 10 to DIN 2501

Max. operating pressure: Acc. to size 3 – 6 bar

Max. temperature: 120 °C

Materials - Casing parts: Cast iron; st.st. or zinc-free bronze

Materials - Segments: Bronze, hard-chrome plated st.st. (option hardened)

Actuators: Hand lever, hand-wheel, electric or pneumatic

On request: ANSI flanges RF 150; op. pressure > 6 bar ; temperatures > 120 +C ; special materials


BS - IRIS regulating valve with integrated flow measurement system

The collaboration between EGGER and the ABB company allows us to offer our clients a simple and compact solution. Thanks to the centered flow and the leveled edges of the orifice, the compact SENSYFLOW measuring system of ABB Automation can be directly installed at the entrance of the valve. The measuring principle is based on the mass of the gas, thus rendering the system independent of the pressure and temperature of the gas.

The assembly of the IRIS regulating valve and the gas flow measuring system SENSYFLOW does not need a straight run, neither on the inlet nor on the outlet side, but in that case it has to be calibrated on the certified test bed. Our supply includes for a German Service Test Certificate of Calibration (DKD).

You may alternatively please email your enquiry to Support@Egger.Roteq.com

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